The Best Physio Business In the World

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The Worlds Best Growth Planner for Physio Businesses is almost yours

Join the revolution, and become our “Bestie”.

Help us democratize practice success, while you make your own business one of the best small businesses in the world.

What You Get:

The Planner & all the materials for a Winning Growth Plan

Get a plan that you can use! The simple & proven way to grow your physio business using the world's smartest tools.

The Best Physio Business In the World

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The Best Physio Business In the World - Unboxing

Specifically designed for YOUR business and YOUR Industry

This isn't some cookie cutter generic planning tool. The examples and tools are designed for real Physical Therapist Private Practices - just like yours!

Online live sessions

Bi-weekly online sessions included for you and all of our other Besties to join in, get questions answered and be part of a worldwide community of business owners.

Save a fortune

Do you like doing it yourself? This is the best of both worlds. You can use the program to do the job yourself - and access the authors, two of the world's best business coaches, all for one low (one-time) price. No recurring payments. No subscriptions.

Simple easy to use format

The book and the planner have been designed to be straightforward and super easy to go through and come up with your own growth plan.

World wide best practices

You get access to the technologies that drive the most successful Physio businesses in the world.

Free World Wide Shipping

No matter where you are - we'll get the planner kit to you as soon as possible. For free. 

But wait! There's more!

It's a tool, it's a program, it's a community of our “Besties”, along with exclusive access to the authors.

It comes in the form of a beautifully printed book, some additional notes and posters, and an online community of our “Besties”. Think of it like an all encompassing way to grow your business, complete with a support group of other owners like you. It's the tools of titans, the tools the best businesses in the world use every day, all in one place and in a super easy-to-use format.

It's a real, tangible thing, not a virtual thing. And it’s shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

What you'll get:

The Book, 3 Posters, and...

Four Freebies

You will get a free 1x1 coaching session with Matt or Sturdy. 
Value: $1,000

Membership in our exclusive community of "Besties", business owners like you, on the same path, who are facing the same challenges and obstacles, and who will all be able, and encouraged, to share their wisdom. This a 24/7 mastermind group of people with the same program, working on the same problems. 
Value: $500/month. 

In addition to the 1x1 coaching session and the Besties forum, you're going to get access to Matt & Sturdy (the Creators of the program) every 2 weeks. We will go live in the Besties’ forum where you can ask questions, throw around ideas and brainstorm alongside the other Besties who are on the same path as you. During these sessions Sturdy & Matt will be giving away a mountain of additional resources for you to use in your business.
Value: $1,000 per month

Do you like paying for shipping? We don't, and we think that you shouldn't have to. So as an early supporter we're going to ship this anywhere in the world for FREE. That’s right, anywhere In. The. World. Free.

All included, with your one time payment.

Join the revolution, the disruption, and become a “Bestie”. Help us democratize practice success, while you make your own business one of the best small businesses in the world.

The equivalent value for this program for 6 month's access is over $10,000. 

And you get it all for a one-time payment of less than $300. 

Get it now.

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Coach Sturdy

My name is Sturdy McKee. I am an entrepreneur, former physical therapist, business coach, speaker, and (now) author.

I love working with business owners. I love helping them realize their Visions. I love helping and watching them grow as leaders. I love helping them figure out where their passion intersects with what pays the bills.

I have started and grown companies, hired and coached employees, developed leaders and managers, advised and helped founders at all stages, and failed more than a few times. I provide you shortcuts around and over some of the most painful lessons to accelerate your growth.

Yes! I want it.

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